The intersection between the arts and healing is where my heart is now, but I write and edit on a range of topics that move me. My background in travel journalism led me to sociocultural anthropology, then unexpectedly back to reporting. The fusion of fields is integral to my work as a foreign correspondent and editor. After earning an undergraduate degree in journalism, I worked internationally as Associate Producer for NBC's Travel Editor. My photography equipment fits in a carry-on: my grandfather's 35mm Rollei, with which I shoot B&W and color film, and an iPhone. To me, photography is ethnography.


While studying sociocultural anthropology at Columbia University, I conducted fieldwork toward my Master's thesis in Poland as a Fulbright Scholar. As Manager of Programs Abroad for the Auschwitz Jewish Center, affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC, I led academic programs in Poland and edited English-language publications from 2011-2017. During a Rotary Peace Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, I earned a professional certificate in Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution. I teach online interdisciplinary courses as an adjunct professor and focus on projects in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Here's a mural in India.

I am always open to creative collaboration; feel free to contact me any time.