Supersonic Airplanes and the Age of Irrational Technology
The Atlantic
The box sat untouched in his bottom desk drawer.

Yiddish on the rise
The Economist

On the first Sunday of Krakow's recent Jewish Culture Festival several rain-soaked families took their seats in a tiny pop-up library behind a 15th-century synagogue.

Well-travelled artefacts
The Economist
Last month, a crowd gathered at the National Museum of Cambodia to witness a historic reunion: the head and body of a seventh-century Hindu statue.

Writing on the wall
The Economist

In 2014 Evan Alberhasky travelled to Poland from Jerusalem to learn about his Jewish ancestral roots.

Phnom Penh's White Building
When I heard Phnom Penh wasn’t a walking city, I bought a good pair of shoes. 

Europe's Reproductive Blights
Pacific Standard

It was Sunday in Poland, so no pew was empty.

Ex-Presidents of Poland Issue a Rebuke to the Governing Party
The New York Times
The front page of Poland's leading newspaper
featured on Monday an open letter from three former presidents warning that the new right-wing government’s actions were threatening the country’s democracy.

Poland's Memory Problem
Pacific Standard

When the video chat connects, I see Professor Jan Gross' eyes smiling through his round glasses, greeting me from a plain room.

Inside Cambodia's Future Floating Arts Center
Pacific Standard
The Cambodian captain navigates sideways, inching closer to a 97-meter-long rust-red ship that dwarfs our open-air vessel.


How do you go from solo cook to sharing a kitchen?
The Washington Post
Cooking for one has its perks: simple prep, quick cleanup and no need to compromise.

Coconut: A Love Story
Roads & Kingdoms
I haven’t spoken for four days.

My Father's Guitar & Other Imaginary Things
Washington Independent Review of Books

As if being a Texan Jew didn’t make his perspectives noteworthy enough, Joseph Skibell is a storyteller who views the world as a humorous archaeologist: curious, probing, and droll.

Popular Images of Jews in Krakow: Folk Art or Stereotypical Caricatures?
Tablet Magazine
“Everybody wants to be a Rothschild,” an older Polish woman joked as we gazed at the wooden figurine holding a gold coin.

Longing to Return to a Place You've Never Been
Roads & Kingdoms
The faint aroma of stewing curry leads the way, reassurance that I’m not lost.

Romek Marber’s iconic illustration
The Economist

It was 1960 when Romek Marber—a young designer in The Economist’s art department—received a phone call that would change his career.

Italy and My Body
The dessert menu arrives.

Israeli Artist Exhibits His Indian Roots at Kochi Biennale
Tablet Magazine
When artist Meydad Eliyahu was growing up in Mesilat Zion, a moshav in central Israel, he smelled stewing curry leaves and heard the sounds of the South Indian language Malayalam. 

Small World: French Vientiane, Laos
Paste Magazine
The three of us squeezed on a motorbike, zoomed past Buddhist temples and through street-meat smoke to L'Atmosphere.

Miami's Post-Castro World
Roads & Kingdoms

I am late for the party.

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